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Dog Grooming Services

Now Offering Same Day/Walk-in Appointments

Dog Grooming

Regular grooming has a lot of benefit rather than just making your pets look good. Dog Grooming will help maintain their good health, and at the same time keep the pets socially engaged, mentally alert, physically fit, and emotionally happy.

At Best Friends Grooming, our Dog Grooming Services is dedicated to ensuring that your pets are well pampered. Our full body bath with natural shampoo, ear cleaning, haircut, hair trimming, nail trim, etc., will help provided with the best form of care and pampering, keeping your cherished pets beautiful inside and on the outside.

Basic Grooming Service


  • Light Trimming
  • Full Brush Out

Full Grooming Service


  • Deluxe Bathing Service
  • Light Trimming
  • Full Brush Out

Deluxe Grooming Service


  • Deluxe Bathing Service
  • Professionally Styled Haircut (includes breed specific cuts)
  • Full Brush Out

*All prices vary based on breed, weight, size and condition of coat. For more accurate  pricing, please give us a call, 631-727-8107.

What We Do – Excellent, Comprehensive Pet Grooming Services

Best Friends Grooming remains your trusted provider of Pet Grooming Services. Our experienced team of specialists have what it takes to address the needs of your pets notwithstanding their breeds, coats, or skin types. They make use of state-of-the-art equipment and innovative products to help personalize the grooming routine of your pets to your taste.

  • Bathing
  • Hair, Fur, Coat Brushing
  • Dental Care
  • Ear Care
  • Nail Clipping & Polishing
  • Parasite & Flea Treatments
At Best Friends Grooming, we offer a professional bathing service by making use of high quality, natural shampoo. After the full body wash, the coat of your beloved pet will be soft and lustrous without the skin getting dried.

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